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Diamond Shape Face




  • This type of face can use any kind of neckline
    • Ø This kind of necklaces also soften some part of face.
  • Chokers
  • Opera style
  • Matinee
  • Pearls and curves
  • For the diamond-shaped face, it’s best to use also curves or has circles. These will lessen the part of your face that has obvious angles.
  • Short and wide
  • studs
  • small drops
  • combined straight lines and curves


  • long and thin style

Earrings Recommended:

Avoid these earrings:

Recommended Earrings:

Avoided Earrings:



Hello Girls!

When we talk about beauty, the first thing that would come to a man’s mind is the face. There some people who base beauty through the face and physical appearance but there are also some who looks beauty within. But disregard to different opinions of people, we girls can really say that beauty in physical is really      important because it always brings you to confident you that you are not afraid to show yourself proudly to people.

Some girls really find hard time on how to solve their problems about their physical beauty. Actually there are tricks and tips that would help. I know that the main conscious of girls are their faces and bodies.

The tips will really a big help to cover some imperfections or dislikes touch a new you, a confident you. You will now know how to handle yourself, to fix the small things that you’ve thought very complicated regarding beauty.