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round shape

Round shape face

Accessories that will create illusions on your face shape

Round shape

Necklines Necklaces Earrings
-This necklines will lengthen your face shape.

  • V neck
  • Collared shirts
  • Empire
  • Sweetheart


  • Round neckline cause it shortens your neck.
-Create an illusion on a longer and beautiful face and will lengthen your face.

  • Long t-style necklaces
  • 28″ to 34″ (Opera Length)
  • V shape necklace


  • Chokers
  • collars
  • Large pearls
  • stones and bulky pieces
-Lean, long and angular curved lines is the right thing to choose. It adds angles to your face and it elongates. This will lengthen your face.

  • Dangles
  • Ovals
  • Oblongs
  • Square and rectangular earrings


  • small studs
  • hoops
  • large chunky


Avoided earrings

-Necklaces recommended:

-Avoid necklace