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Face problems and tips

Diamond Shape Face




  • This type of face can use any kind of neckline
    • Ø This kind of necklaces also soften some part of face.
  • Chokers
  • Opera style
  • Matinee
  • Pearls and curves
  • For the diamond-shaped face, it’s best to use also curves or has circles. These will lessen the part of your face that has obvious angles.
  • Short and wide
  • studs
  • small drops
  • combined straight lines and curves


  • long and thin style

Earrings Recommended:

Avoid these earrings:

Recommended Earrings:

Avoided Earrings:


Square Shape Face

Square Shape

Necklines Necklaces Earrings
  • This neckline will soften the face and reduces the squareness of the face.
  • V-neck
  • Scoop
  • Sweet heart
  • Straight lines


  • Empire necklines
  • It is good to wear necklace that has also curves. These will lessen the squareness of the face. This will soften tour look so you will be much comfortable and confident.
  • long strand of pearls
  • round and has an oval pendant or anything round


  • chokers
  • angled edges
  • For people who has square -shaped face, it is best to wear earrings that are curves and has angular edges. These will soften your face and lessen the squareness of your face.
  • Hoops
  • drop earrings
  • long tear drops
  • multi-tiered dangling earrings


  • squares
  • sharp edges or has angles

-Earrings recommended: 

-Avoid these kind of earrings:

-Necklaces recommended:

-Avoid these kind of necklaces:


Round shape face

Accessories that will create illusions on your face shape

Round shape

Necklines Necklaces Earrings
-This necklines will lengthen your face shape.

  • V neck
  • Collared shirts
  • Empire
  • Sweetheart


  • Round neckline cause it shortens your neck.
-Create an illusion on a longer and beautiful face and will lengthen your face.

  • Long t-style necklaces
  • 28″ to 34″ (Opera Length)
  • V shape necklace


  • Chokers
  • collars
  • Large pearls
  • stones and bulky pieces
-Lean, long and angular curved lines is the right thing to choose. It adds angles to your face and it elongates. This will lengthen your face.

  • Dangles
  • Ovals
  • Oblongs
  • Square and rectangular earrings


  • small studs
  • hoops
  • large chunky


Avoided earrings

-Necklaces recommended:

-Avoid necklace


Face Shapes

Do you know what shape is your face is? If you do, do you know what are things that would look beautiful in your face shape?

These are the face shapes 


Face Problems and Tips

Got some problems with you face?

Yes, everyone wants to have a good face but unfortunately there are really problems that would come out sometimes immediately. Most common problem of girls in their faces is how to have a fair skin or even smooth skin and to get rid of skin problems. Sometimes if we have these skin problems on our face, we sometimes lack confidence to talk people because we think that they are looking to any part on our face that has a problem we also don’t want to go malls, parties, gatherings, etc.Sometimes we need to wait for the time for it to go by itself. Well anyway, how would we really get rid of these or how to prevent these?

Here are the tips that you should do to solve and overcome skin problems.




Acne appears on the skin as:

  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Nobules
  • Cysts

There are lots of ways on preventing and solve this acne but I will give you the easiest way on how to clear all the acne in your face and live it as gentle and fair one. 

As also a teen, I had really a hard time to solve this kind of skin problem specifically pimples. I had my pimples in my forehead and nose. Actually that time, I almost lose my confidence and hope that made me stay inside our house always. When our school nurse checked us and my classmates one by one, then my turn came, I asked her about my pimples, I really asked her on how to get rid of these. She had advised me a facial cleanser and an antibiotic.



  1. Buy a antibacterial capsule (clindamysin) and facial cleanser (Eskinol) from your nearest drugstore.
  2. Break the capsule into half and get the powder in it and immediately put it inside the the bottle of eskinol
  3. Shake it well.
  4. You can now get your cotton and start to put eskinol and rub gently to your face specially the part that has acne.
  5. Put eskinol everynight before sleeping then after 1 week your acne will be gone.

Note: These steps are based on my experience and as what the nurse told me. I would honestly tell you that it is very effective.

Now, for those who want their acne disappear, what are you waiting for? Go now to the nearest drugstore and follow the steps above.

See? The steps above are really effective.!


I was really searching for people who also uses the eskinol mixed with antibiotic and finally i found her. I was happy that she’s also using it, meaning the steps were really effective. In her case, she also uses antibacteria which is  Dalacin. Don’t worry if you think that the Clindamysin and Dalacin would be different in curing because I’ve tried both of them and still these two are really effective.

Enjoy using the steps everynight. Take care of your skin! 🙂